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7 suns

7 Suns - So...Hot! Tingle Tanning Lotion

7 Suns - So...Hot! Tingle Tanning Lotion

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7 Suns - So...Hot! is a warming bronzing lotion.

A nice warming touch you feel after longer exposure to sun. This is a brief description of the tingle effect. When we combine it with an energising bronzer, we will get the so… Hot! lotion.

We combined a deep brown shade achieved thanks to caramel and carrot oil with a spicy touch of hot pepper and a special combination of ingredients responsible for fat burning and cellulite reduction – Slim Effect.

The so… Hot! effect is a long-lasting tan which lasts for more than ten days and incredibly highlights a slim body.

Soon after application of the lotion, the skin blushes and you can feel a nice warming effect. From this moment instant bronzers start working. The first effects are visible after a few minutes, but the skin gradually and evenly change the desired colour for another couple of days.

Does not contain SPF's. Skin test advised before first use. Wash hands after application. Discontinue if skin irritation occurs.

Warning: This product causes high heat, reddening and a tingling sensation. Not suitable for face. Redness may temporarily occur shortly after application. This indicates the skin surface is being supplied with more oxygen and vital nutrients for maximum performance.

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Product Specs

• Hot pepper extract - Contains capsaicin stimulating microcirculation and creating a blushing effect. It allows for a drainage effect, supporting reduction of subcutaneous swelling – one of the causes of cellulite.

• Herbaceous seepweed (Yes, Seepweed, that’s not a typo) extract - It has slimming and anti-cellulite properties. It helps split adipocytes (fat cells) to smaller ones which undergo metabolism more easily. It also intensifies the effects of caffeine.

• Mango extract - Intensely eliminates free radicals, prevents photoaging.

• Green coffee bean oil - Thanks to the caffeine content, it has anti-cellulite properties, reduces body fat and stimulates blood circulation.

• Caramel - Gives the skin a golden brown shade.

• Carrot root extract - Rich in betacaroten and vitamins A and E, gives the tan a golden brown shade.

• Cocoa butter - Thanks to the high content of antioxidants, it delays the aging process of the skin, perfectly regenerates and moisturises dry skin.

• MelanoBlend Formula - A unique complex of ingredients of natural origin, strongly influencing the acceleration of the appearance of an intense and long-lasting tan.

• Original emollient blend - Responsible for the active transport of ingredients deep into the skin and for the perfect spreading of the cosmetic and a silky finish on the skin.


Tropical - Sweet.

Product Action

Tingle, Tanning Accelerator, Bronzer, anti-cellulite Slimming effect.


Always read the label carefully for the complete list of ingredients to check for allergen sensitivities. Please email before purchasing if you require clarification.